The Virtual FD offers you a cloud-based solution for payroll management that includes payslips, leave records and statutory submissions.

This cloud-based software will simplify your life. Complying with SARS requirements becomes a cinch, leave management is covered, and password protected payslips are automatically emailed to staff on payday. We can seamlessly integrate payroll processes with your company’s banking software for confidential salary batch payment runs to pay staff directly.

We will handle the tax requirements including:

  • PAYE, UIF and SDL calculations
  • Monthly EMP201 returns
  • SARS ETI claims
  • Interim or Annual Employer Reconciliation Declarations (EMP501) and tax certificates (IPR5’s)
  • UIF Declarations to the Department of Labour

Your legislative reporting requirements are therefore taken care of.


We ensure
that you get excellent service from payroll experts who deliver accurately and on time. Furthermore, in an environment where tax legislation changes often, we ensure up to date legal compliance with all aspects of payroll.

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