Moving to the cloud

Our accounting services are cloud-based. This is a real time, instant access platform that allows business owners or nominated staff to view their books online at any time. The software is also particularly user friendly, even for non-accountants.

With cloud accounting, business owners can work on the move, by sending quotes and turning them into invoices on their smart phones. Real time collaboration with colleagues or your accountant is possibly simply by logging in and working directly with your data online.

Working on a monthly subscription model makes cloud-based software more affordable when it comes to hardware and software costs.

The adoption of cloud accounting also means significantly less tedious manual data entry and human error, because online solutions automatically download bank transactions and categorise bank and credit card transactions. The reductions in errors concurrently reduces compliance risks.

There are also Apps that allow users to upload or check information easily. This means receipts can be photographed and attached to transactions and easily uploaded directly into the cloud accounting package.

One of the biggest benefits of upgrading to the cloud is that it offers superior platform integration, which enables businesses to derive more value out of other cloud technologies.

Conversion from desktop to the cloud is a fairly seamless process, with data migration tools being used to import the necessary data.