The Virtual FD’s comprehensive monthly management packs are customised for your business. We identify your key performance indicators and set up a dashboard which is a valuable tool to proactively manage your business.

As a business owner, it is vital for you to have your management accounts presented to you on a monthly basis so that you can interrogate the results, make informed decisions and act timeously.

To grow your business, you will need insightful analysis to assess the performance of your business and determine investment decisions and strategy and provide information to inform potential funding requirements.

Key Performance Indicators are important because you can’t measure your business health if you don’t have a benchmark; this is why you need budgets, targets and capacity planning.

Monthly Management Accounts

Our monthly management pack consists primarily of:

a profit & loss statement

a cash flow report

a balance sheet

a bespoke KPI analysis dashboard

Our detailed analysis of key areas helps to maximise profitability and improve cash flow.

We review these accounts on a monthly basis along with management to identify financial and cash flow risks and to measure performance against budgets and targets. We also advise on ways to save money and optimise revenue.

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