How we work differently with clients

When you outsource your financial management needs to The Virtual FD:

You will have direct access to a Finance Director with decades of multi-sector business experience.

You will have the advantage of a monthly management accounts meeting with your FD which will enable you to plan and devise strategy carefully and timeously and manage cash flow wisely.

You will receive an accurate monthly management accounts pack that has been tailored and designed specifically to speak to you and your business goals. The powerful visual reports reveal key drivers that impact performance, and include detailed business analysis and cost evaluation.

You will have an annual goal setting and vision meeting with your FD.

You will have an annual budgeting and forecasting meeting with your FD, in which we utilise intelligent software that allows for flexible forecasting scenario planning.

You will have office email and phone support.

Your tax needs, compliance, annual financial statements and statutory registrations and returns can be seen to in addition.

When you outsource your accounting and payroll needs to The Virtual FD:

You will have real time, instant access to a cloud-based platform that allows you, as the business owner, or your nominated staff, to view your books online at any time.

You will use either Sage Business Cloud Accounting or Xero software, which is particularly user friendly, even for non-accountants. We will help you migrate to this software if required. Sage Accounting and Xero should link to their sites

You can choose to outsource your payroll.

What are the clear benefits of outsourcing to The Virtual FD?

Outsourcing is simply a vehicle for businesses to access new and specialised talent, better process acumen, new technology and cost savings.

But short-term cost savings aren’t enough; your business needs to gain a competitive edge.

We will help you gain this competitive edge, as well as the following benefits:

Improved focus on core business activities – we free you and your staff to focus on your strengths, chief tasks and strategic goals.

Increased efficiency – we specialise in what we do and can therefore help you achieve a more productive and efficient product or service.

Less HR hassles – not only will you achieve cost savings, but you will be spared the HR management of finance staff.

Increased flexibility and agility – outsourcing enables you to adapt to changing market conditions and challenges.