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Slide Is your accountant a CA? No? Slide Does your accounting service give you ongoing board level insight? Slide Is your accountant also your business mentor? Slide Your accounting service – a grudge purchase? Invaluable partner?

We help businesses become more successful through outsourced financial management

To many business owners, their accounting service is a grudge purchase because they receive the bare minimum back from their accountant. Seldom do owners feel that they are getting value for their money.

The Virtual FD is much more than just an accounting service.


1. Ongoing Financial Management Insight at Board Level

We help businesses become more successful by providing ongoing financial management input at board level. For instance, we give strategic business advice to improve sales, profitability and cashflow – this helps you gain understanding & confidence.

We also develop industry-specific reports that make it easy for you to gauge how your business is performing and to know what areas to work on – this helps you to feel more in control.

To summarise:

We understand that you can’t sustain a full time FD but that you would highly value board level input and insight. We can solve this dilemma for you by providing an ongoing monthly service with a Chartered Accountant working with you and your management team.

As a client, you will have regular meetings with and access to your FD.
You will receive ongoing insight and input into your business.
Your accountant will be a fully qualified CA with actual business experience at director level across multiple sectors.

2. Comprehensive Outsource Financial Management and Cloud Based Finance Department

We understand that a major source of frustration to business owners, is that they are tied up with day-to-day management, instead of being free to work on their strengths and grow their business.

We can solve this problem for you with our comprehensive outsource financial management and cloud based finance department which includes bookkeeping and payroll services.
This is a modern, cost efficient & progressive solution for your financial management business needs. It allows you to manage your business on the move and it frees you from the worry and hassle of dealing with admin and lots of staff.

We use XERO accounting software, SAGE Business Cloud and QuickBooks.

Do you want to feel more in control of your business?
Do you want to feel confident about the accuracy of your figures?
Do you want to plan well & have the business acumen and experience of a Finance Director to help you grow your business?

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The Virtual FD is a remote workforce company, and serves clients around South Africa.

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